Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Auctioning off Original Art to Support Local Comic Shops

Legendary comic creator and all-around good guy Rob Liefeld will be using for the greater good for [...]

Legendary comic creator and all-around good guy Rob Liefeld will be using for the greater good for the foreseeable future. Beginning Wednesday, the artist will be auctioning off pieces of original art to benefit local comic stores reeling in a world that has started shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a new post on Liefeld's Instagram page, he'll begin auctioning original art starting Wednesday night on his Instagram page.

"Comic books gave me my career! I love this art form so much and it's time to give back!" Liefeld writes in the Instagram post. "I'll be auctioning off one original sketch every day here on @instagram with proceeds going towards comic book stores in need! They need our help now more than ever in these difficult times! Spread the word as we will start this on Wed. Night! I will be offering the most popular characters from comic books and anime in order to raise the most $$$! I'll have more details, stores and sketches to share! Watch this space and spread the word! WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE ME DRAW??"

The condition of the direct market has been a question of late, especially after Diamond Comic Distributor – the lone funny book distributor in the industry — announced it'd be temporarily halting the shipment of all products beginning April 1st. As evidenced by a statement released last week by Diamond owner Steve Geppi, it's unclear how long the distributor will be closed.

"Besides the industry's most immediate needs, we have been and will continue looking toward the future, when we see stores reopening, bringing staff back onboard, and getting customers in the door," the statement reads. "We are looking at issues like debt accrued due to this crisis, what reduced ordering means for your discount tiers, and the availability of credit to help stores through and after this difficult time. We don't have all those answers today, but we understand the many issues you are facing and look forward to addressing them as partners who all have an interest in the long-term health of the industry we love so much."

Cover photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images