Exclusive: Terminator: Sector War Series Announced

Dark Horse Comic fans will soon have the chance to return to the world of Terminator in a brand new mini-series.

The new series is titled Terminator: Sector War and features writer Brian Wood (Aliens Defiance, Briggs Land) teaming up with artist Jeff Stokely (The Spire, Six-Gun Gorilla) taking fans back to the year 1984. This won't be another retelling of the classic first film, however, as it is revealed there was a second Terminator sent back in time.

The hero this time around is an NYPD officer named Lucy Castro, who will have to rely on her training and some unlikely friends to fend off the Terminator sent to kill her. Why it is targeting her is a mystery, but you can check out our exclusive reveal of the new series' issue #1 cover below, which features Lucy Castro front and center.

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

The official description can be found below.

"Many are familiar with the story of The Terminator's time-traveling quest to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor in Los Angeles. Adding a new spin to the timeline, Terminator: Sector Wars follows a second Terminator sent to 1984 New York City to take out NYPD Officer Lucy Castro, a rookie cop assigned to one of the worst sections of the city. When she faces off against the relentless T-800, she will have to rely on unlikely allies to survive till dawn as the machine that never sleeps stalks his prey through the city that never sleeps."


This won't be the first time Dark Horse has added to the Terminator mythos. Dark Horse previously released The Terminator 2029, a series that focused on series protagonist Kyle Reese, who ended up going back in time to keep the Terminator from killing Sarah Connor. Dark Horse followed that up with a reworking of the original film called 1984, and both can be found in comic stores now.

Terminator: Sector War #1 (of four) goes on sale August 15, 2018, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop.