Sandman Crossover With Locke & Key Gets 0 Issue

While the Locke & Key and The Sandman crossover, Hell & Gone, doesn't begin in earnest until November, a precursor zero issue will help prepare fans for the event in October. IDW Publishing solicited Locke & Key: Hell & Gone #0. The issue reprints two past comics, one from Locke & Key and one from The Sandman, that one assumes relate to the crossover's plot. The first is "Open the Moon," first published in Locke & Key: Golden Age #1. That issue involved the Moon Key, which allows its user to open the moon like a door to pass from the mortal realm into the afterlife peacefully.

The second reprinted issue is The Sandman #22, which began the "Season of Mist" storyline. In that story, Lucifer abdicated his throne and left the key to Hell in Dream's possession. That key is featured on the issue's cover. Lucifer's departure in "Season fo Mist" is what led to the Lucifer spinoff series, which served as the inspiration for the television that is now on Netflix.

Locke & Key writer and co-creator Joe Hill discussed the upcoming crossover in June. "There's a new Locke & Key story coming out called Locke & Key: In Pale Battalions Go, about World War One," Hill said. "I think the first issue of that comes out in August. There's three issues in all, and it sets off the Locke & Key/Sandman crossover, which is called Hell and Gone."

Are you excited about the Locke & Key crossover with The Sandman? Let us know in the comments. Locke & Key: Hell & Gone #0 goes on sale in October.

Locke and Key Sandman Hell and Gone 0 Cover
(Photo: IDW Publishing)

(W) Joe Hill (A/CA) Gabriel Rodriguez

If you think you can unlock the gates of Hell and just invite yourself in, you must be Dreaming!

The Sandman Universe crossover begins here, with this specially priced re-introduction of the storylines and characters who populate next month's landmark event series.

First, in the Eisner-winning Locke & Key tale, "Open the Moon," meet Chamberlin Locke, patriarch of the Locke family, whose Moon Key began to unlock the events of this event series.


Next, journey with the Lord of Dreams to Lucifer's domain in the chapter of Sandman's epic "Season of Mists" storyline that sees the Key to Hell change hands in a most momentous way.

And join IDW and DC Comics next month for Locke & Key: Hell & Gone #1 by L&K co-creators Hill and Rodriguez!