Tom Taylor and Jon Sommariva's Peter Pan-Inspired Neverlanders Graphic Novel Gets a Release Date

New York Times bestselling author Tom Taylor (Injustice, Nightwing, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) and illustrator Jon Sommariva (Batman/TMNT, Star Wars Adventures) are collaborating on a new YA graphic novel series titled Neverlanders. The graphic novel comes from Razorbill, the Penguin Random House imprint for young readers. Going on sale August 30th, Neverlanders is set in a gritty world inspired by the adventures of Peter Pan for ages 12 and up. The announcement of the Neverlanders release date also came with the book's official cover art.

Some of Taylor's most recent works come from DC, such as Nightwing, Superman: Son of Kal-El, and Dark Knights of Steel. He's also the co-creator, executive producer, and lead writer of the animated series The Deep, which is based on his graphic novels with James Brouwer. Jon Sommariva, also known as Red J, is a fellow Australian who has worked on Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and the Avengers.

The synopsis for Neverlanders reads: "Bee and her fellow runaways are their own found family. So when a stranger named Paco saves her life, Bee invites him to join their crew, thinking he's another lost teen. The truth is Paco's not just a lost teen, he's a Lost Boy from Neverland. And he needs Bee and the others to come back with him.There, they meet a foul-mouthed General Tinker Bell, leading a band of armed-to-the-teeth fairies against a merciless new pirate leaderwho will stop at nothing to steal the land's magic. These young runaways may be Neverland's only hope—but they're about to learn that it'll take a lot more than happy thoughts to win a war."

(Photo: Razorbill)

"A few years ago I was away in Fiji with my family, and I was supposed to not be working," Taylor said in a statement back in November 2020. "I didn't even have my laptop with me. But one night, instead of sleeping, the idea of Neverlanders came to me. Over the next few hours, I filled a hotel notebook with the start of this story. Before I fell asleep, I'd already messaged Jon Sommariva with the idea, and the biggest twists and turns. Jon and I had wanted to work together for about ten years, and I knew he'd be perfect for this. He's such an amazing talent. I just hoped he'd like it and could find the time to work on it with me. I eventually woke up (late) to find Jon's excited response. A while later, over terrible wi-fi and with an ocean between us, we were already developing characters together and he was sending me these incredible sketches that lit a fire under me."

"While it is a lot of fun working on huge franchises that everyone knows and that I have been a fan of since childhood, there is no better feeling than being able to bring your own characters and the worlds they inhabit to life," Sommariva said. "Neverlanders is the best of both worlds. There is a familiarity to Neverland and its inhabitants, but we are also able to use that as a starting point to create a whole new set of characters and creatures along with our version of Neverland. I get to draw and reimagine mermaids, goblins, pirates, fairies and our version of the lost ones. It's an artists dream playground."

"Neverlanders is a story for now. It feels like the exact right time for an epic tale of young people fighting for their future and standing against short-sighted, greedy adults," Taylor added. "I couldn't be more excited to sign a two-book deal with Penguin Random House. Knowing we'll have that penguin on the spine of our book is a bit of a dream come true. Chris Hernandez and everyone at Razorbill are giving Jon and I the opportunity to tell a very big story here. We can't wait for the world to join Bee and the rest of the Lost Ones on their adventures."

Neverlanders goes on sale August 30th from Razorbill, a Penguin Young Readers imprint.