Venom Just Used Two of the Most Powerful Marvel Heroes to Create One Amazing Weapon

Venom's biggest comic book event yet came to an epic finale in King In Black #5, which pitted Eddie Brock against the dark god of the symbiotes, Knull, in a one-on-one battle. Eddie got the benefit of coming back from the dead and inheriting a major cosmic power to oppose Knull - but it wasn't enough. To take down the dark deity, Venom needed a powerful weapon to wield, and to create it he had to "borrow" some power from two of the biggest cosmic heroes in the entire Marvel Universe. Not surprisingly, the resulting super-weapon is everything Venom needs to put down Knull once and for all!

Warning: King In Black #5 SPOILERS Follow!

Eddie Brock comes back from the dead by having his consciousness survive in the symbiote hive mind, where he gets a new symbiote body, as well. That new body is quickly merged with the "God of Light" (aka Captain Universe's Uni-Power) that is Knull's cosmic opposite, which was ferried to Earth by the Silver Surfer.

To make the weapon he needs to kill Knull, God of Light Venom pulls off a stunning cosmic feat: he summons Thor's hammer, Mjolnir - and also the sword that Silver Surfer fashioned out of his surfboard. God of Light Venom merges these two powerful cosmic artifacts into one - a massive ax of light, with a symbiote handle.

Venom Makes Ax Out of Thors Hammer and Silver Surfer Board King In Black Ending SPoilers
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

A pretty epic battle between Venom and Knull follows, and the light ax certainly gets its time in the spotlight. Venom cuts loose and decapitates some symbiote dragons, as well as Knull's massive Symbiote Celestial. We even get an Avenger: Infinity War ode to Thor taking down Thanos, as Venom plunges the ax into Knull's chest, and uses it to strip off the ancient diety's symbiote.

Venom Kills Knull With Light Ax King In Black Ending SPoilers
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Ultimately Venom has to finish off Knull through other means (flying him into the sun), and in the aftermath of the battle, a very concerned Thor and Silver Surfer come worrying over their lost weapons. Luckily, the light ax breaks back down into its original two components, and Thor and Silver Surfer get back the hammer and surfboard (respectively).

This whole light ax may be a one-off to help add some epic scope to King of Black's final chapter - but it worked! Seeing Thor's hammer and Silver Surfer's board mashed up into an epic cosmic weapon (infused with the power of Captain Universe) is about as comic book-y as a major Marvel event can get.


It's just one feature of King In Black #5 that made us love the finale and the event as a whole. And the future is now even more exciting for Eddie Brock/Venom, as we go forward.

King In Black is now on sale at Marvel Comics.