Ezra Miller Reveals What Research He's Been Doing For The Flash

When you agree to play a revered comic book icon like the Flash, then you better resign yourself to lots of studying. The DC Comics speedster has fans all over the world who would hate to see his live-action counterpart fumble, and no one feels that pressure more than Ezra Miller. The actor is set to play Barry Allen in the DC Extended Universe, and he will suit up with the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman in Justice League.

So, naturally, Miller has been real busy reading up on his comic lore.

In an interview with Collider, Miller spoke about his work on The Flash and revealed how he created his iteration of Barry Allen. “I’ve been investigating and composing the character since the moment I started considering doing the screen test,” he said.

“Fortunately, a lot of that research is extremely fun and involves reading Flash Comics and other comics from the world of DC, The Brave and the Bold, and I’m really interested in the early history and some of my favorite stuff is Silver Age. Even the Golden Age and the Jay Garrick stuff, the original Flash. It’s just so fascinating, so endlessly compelling. It’s such an incredible set-up for exploration, all these fascinating concepts in physics, in mysticism, in fantasy...he can go anywhere. He’s that figure of the DC pantheon who transcends the realms, sort of like Hermes or Mercury before him in the respective Greek and Roman mythologies that the character’s (creator) Gardner Fox clearly very much based (him on).”

While much of Miller’s research on The Flash has been firsthand, the actor is not afraid to seek advice from outside experts. So, it is a good thing that DC Films CCO and famed comic writer Geoff Johns is around to help him out.

“He’s a good guy to have around,” Miller said. “He keeps us full of information and he keeps us from making ignorant mistakes that would upset the fans across the world because you pretty much can’t get someone with a deeper knowledge of this universe than Geoff Johns.”

Clearly, it seems as if Miller has his feet firmly planted in the DC Universe. That news is definitely reassuring to fans who began worrying about The Flash this month. Not long ago, director Rick Famuyiwa confirmed he was exiting the project - making him the second person to do so.


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During his interview, Miller briefly mentioned the director’s abrupt exit. "I think that the most important quality is the open heart," Miller said. "I think that The Flash has to be a story that is heartfelt. Because I think that's where the lightning really is."

Without a director, it is looking more and more likely that The Flash will be delayed from its March 2018 release, perhaps allowing Aquaman to take the premiere date instead. But, with Miller behind the camera, fans are feeling confident that The Flash won’t break a sweat anytime soon.

The Flash is currently set for release on March 16, 2018.