Aquaman Director Shares Official Production Wrap Photo

Filming on Aquaman has come to an end, and director James Wan celebrated the achievement the only way he knows how.

With fish puns of course! Wan's Aquaman project is one of the most mysterious and anticipated films on Warner Bros. and DC's packed slate, and the only way to send it off properly is with some appropriate pun-work.

"Holy mackerel, you scampi serious — that’s finally a principal photography WRAP on Aquaman!! Thank You to an awesome cast & crew," Wan said.

With principal photography conclued, the film moves into the lengthy process of post produciton. As seen in photos from the set, Aquaman features a bevy of green screen work, which makes sense when the character rules over the entirety of the ocean.

The production has contained its share of challenges, most stemming from the underwater surroundings.

"It's a very technically challenging shoot to be on," Wan told THR. "Working with water, and even the dry-for-wet sequences are very complex. … Our equivalent of two people sitting around chatting in the underwater world is super complicated. You have to think about CG with the hair, and how their clothing moves, how are they floating, what kind of rig we put them on and all that stuff. "

Wan believes all the complications will be worth it though, giving fans something they haven't really seen on screen before. That goes for the character as well, a take on Aquaman that will wash away any leftover stigma the character may have with general audiences.

“Momoa is not a guy that you would go up to and make fun of,” Wan told The Wrap. “I really think you immediately remove any of the stigma of the character from the cartoons that we are familiar with. Having said that, I’m not completely unaware of the stigma. If anything, I embrace it and being able to laugh at yourself and have fun at yourself is important and that’s something I am aware of as I make Aquaman right now.”

Fans can judge the film for themselves when Aquaman sails (see what we did there) into theaters on December 21, 2018.


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