'Gotham': Michael Cerveris Hasn't Been Able to Eat Bacon Since Playing Professor Pyg

Last week, Professor Pyg successfully debuted as one of Gotham's creepiest villains to date, due in large part to terrifying use of dead pigs. Not only does the character wear a pig's head as a mask, but he also puts them on the heads of his victims.

This creepy method was a great way to turn Professor Pyg's creep level up to 11. Not only did it affect the characters on the show, but the antics also had a lasting impact on the actors involved.

Michael Cerveris, who plays Professor Pyg on Gotham, revealed that he hasn't been able to eat bacon since donning the pig masks.

"I went and actually could make them feel comfortable because pigs are actually really shy and skittish creatures," Cerveris told ComicBook.com, referring to the scene in last week's episode where his character feeds a pen full of pigs. "So, I just went and stood in the pen for like an hour before we started shooting just to hang out with them and get them used to me being around. And, I got really attached to them. And, I'm not kidding, I've not had bacon since we shot that scene because I just can't bring myself to eat my little friends."

At another point in the interview, while speaking out Professor Pyg's actions, Cerveris mentioned that his new love for the pigs made his role that much more disturbing.

"When he [Professor Pyg] puts pig heads on people the heads have to come from some place and that was one the things that was the most disturbing to me, because I loved these little pigs," Cerveris admitted. "I loved hanging around in that pen."

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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