'Justice League': Jason Momoa Clarifies That Is Not His Trident

Even from the earliest images of the upcoming Justice League movie fans have noticed that Aquaman's trident isn't exactly a trident, it's a five-pronged weapon and now actor Jason Momoa reveals there's a reason for that.

Momoa and Justice League costars Ben Affleck and Ray Fisher sat down with WSVN-TV Miami's Chris Van Vliet to talk about the upcoming superhero film and Momoa revealed that not only was he aware that the "trident" in the movie isn't a true trident, but that fans would have to wait for the solo Aquaman movie to see Arthur with his iconic weapon.

"I didn't call it a trident," Momoa said. "It's a quindent. We don't call it that in the movie and when you watch Aquaman you're going to see him go for the trident, so everyone's just got to stay tuned for a hot minute."

According to Momoa, Aquaman's weapon in Justice League is actually on loan to him from Mera and it won't be until the Aquaman movie that the hero goes for his real trident as well as the throne.

"He's not the king yet," Momoa explained. "He looks to Mera and he goes 'I need to borrow something. I need you to do me a favor' so that's when she gives him the equipment."

That equipment will come in handy when the heroes have to face off with Steppenwolf's parademons and Momoa revealed to Entertainment Weekly last week he uses the weapon -- that he says is named Bernadette -- to pick off the creatures.

"It's one of the coolest scenes in the movie," Momoa said. "I originally ride the Batmobile. I jump off with my trident -- my trusty pitchfork -- and stab parademons."

Fans will get see Aquaman and his "trident" in action when Justice League opens November 17th

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