Ezra Miller Calls Zack Snyder "The Father of The DCEU"

The DC Extended Universe as we know it began in 2013 with Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder. Regardless of your opinions of the filmmaker's abilities, Snyder has served as the biggest creative force in the architecture of the DCEU, a fact that Justice League star Ezra Miller confirms in the book Justice League: The Official Collector’s Edition.

"Zack Snyder is the DC god. He’s the father of our universe," Miller confessed. "He’s been directing this series of films that will really plant the seeds for the whole Gaia tree of the DC Universe, and its many branches and flowers, giving us, the cast, this template as an artistic community. Zack has really taken care of us all. He’s been so incredibly attentive to all of us and our diva needs and our questions. And when I want to overthink the physics of The Flash, he’s been ready to engage with me on that level.”

In 2005, Christopher Nolan kicked off an impressive trilogy of Batman films with Batman Begins, taking a more realistic route of superhero storytelling than any previous incarnation of DC Comics characters. Nolan's second crack at the Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, set new heights for what could be accomplished with these characters, becoming one of the most acclaimed superhero films of all time.

While Nolan was working with Batman, Snyder was blurring the line between live-action film and comic book illustrations with his highly-stylized adaptations of 300 and Watchmen. These films proved to be big enough critical and financial successes to grant Snyder the keys to the kingdom and kick off the DCEU with Man of Steel, a difficult task following the more grounded interpretations Nolan took with Batman.

Snyder followed Man of Steel with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which drew both praise and criticism for its dark portrayal of DC's most popular characters. Many of the film's fans appreciated the more intense approach to the characters, compared to the much more lighthearted tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while others chastised the doom and gloom of characters who were meant to be viewed as heroes.

Last month, Snyder's Justice League debuted, which also drew criticism for its darker tone, but also featured scenes written and shot by Joss Whedon following Snyder's departure from the film due to a family tragedy. Many complaints about the film were due to contradicting tones in the final product, with fans taking to the internet to demand they get to see Snyder's intended vision.

No matter what your opinion of Snyder might be, Miller's comments solidify that the future of the DCEU rests on Snyder's vision, with the actors seemingly having the highest regards for the filmmaker.

Justice League is currently in theaters.

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