Brian Michael Bendis Officially Starts At DC Comics

Today begins a new era in modern comic books as one of the most prolific creators of the modern era jumps ship to the distinguished competition.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis posted to social media today in recognition of his first day under contract with DC Comics. While we're not sure what titles he will be writing for the publisher at this point, he is now underway on the work necessary to get his name published one one of their many offerings.

Bendis made waves when he announced he had signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics, heralding the end of his nearly 20-year career with Marvel Comics.

As the writer himself noted, however, he's not exactly done with Marvel yet. After a health scare that saw Bendis hospitalized earlier in December, he worked out an arrangement so that he could finish his duties at Marvel while he gets started with his DC Comics work. He currently writes Invincible Iron Man, Jessica Jones, Defenders, and Spider-Man for the House of Ideas.

Basically, Bendis is the biggest writer working for both DC and Marvel at the same time since Tom King, who had Omega Men, Sheriff of Babylon, and Vision coming out from the publishers in the same timeframe.

Bendis recently revealed when his last comics are coming out from Marvel, which could last up to six months after his hospital stay.

While there's still work to be done, it's pretty exciting to think about what Bendis will do now that he's in the DC Comics universe. After helping reinvent Daredevil, the Avengers, and Spider-Man in some of Marvel's most popular titles in the last two decades, who knows what he has planned for DC.

Whether it's Batman, Superman, the Justice League, or even Ambush Bug, there's sure to be a lot of commotion surrounding Bendis when his first DC titles finally hit stands.