'Wonder Woman' Streaming on HBO in February

Wonder Woman is coming to HBO.

Vulture reported last week that Patty Jenkins' blockbuster DC Extended Universe film is coming to HBO, HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO On Demand beginning February 10th.

While the film didn't earn an Oscar nomination as many fans had hoped for, Wonder Woman was massively successful both with critics and at the box office. Wonder Woman brought home the Critics' Choice Award for Best Action Movie last month and stands as one of the highest-grossing films both domestically and globally in 2017. The film was so successful that, unlike some other films in the DCEU, has already been greenlit for a sequel that is set to film in the UK.

And with a sequel on the horizon, Jenkins told Vanity Fair that tone is one of the most important elements from the original film that she will need to recapture in the sequel.

“I was obsessed with the tone,” Jenkins said about the first film. “It was the hardest thing. Particularly because the story we were talking about could so easily skew another way with any of the chapters. You start in a fantasy world of women in costume, and then you go to real life, World War I England... and then you end up in the supernatural... and then you have a love story."

To make sure Wonder Woman's tone was contained, Jenkins took extreme measures. "I brought in all of my [department heads] every week," Jenkins said. "I would sit and hammer home... we have to be so careful that we don’t veer from one movie to another movie, first of all, and, second, that anywhere that she walks out in a Wonder Woman suit, it just doesn’t look ridiculous.”

Wonder Woman currently enjoys an 84.33 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings, which places it at #8 on the all-time list. It also has a 4.18 out of 5 on ComicBook.com's User rankings, placing it even higher at the #6 spot all-time.

As for Wonder Woman 2, the film currently holds a 3.68 out of 5 on ComicBook.com's anticipation rankings, and you can submit your score here.

Wonder Woman is currently available on Digital platforms, Blu-ray, and DVD. Wonder Woman 2 is slated to hit theaters on November 1, 2019.

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