'Legends of Tomorrow': Could the Team's Pirate Adventure Cause Issues for Oliver Queen?

Last week on Legends of Tomorrow, a trip to the time of Blackbeard on a quest for the Earth Totem may have ended up with Ray Palmer being kidnapped by the Darhks to help them repair the Fire Totem this week, but it's possible that there could be even further reaching repercussions of the team's pirate adventure -- and we're not just talking about Amaya's rum.

In last week's "The Curse of the Earth Totem" Blackbeard and his crew arrive on an island in the Bahamas to bury their treasure, and while there, Blackbeard gives his girlfriend, Anne, a necklace that appears to be a giant, beautiful emerald. It's not an emerald, unfortunately, but the Earth Totem. The moment she puts it on she's possessed by it, ultimately leading to Blackbeard shooting her to stop her. Later, Anne's body is dug up by Damien Darhk's crew and it's discovered that she's not exactly dead but is, instead, in control of vines and the plants themselves. She's ultimately killed for good when Damien snaps her neck while Amaya tries to convince her to take off the totem that is plaguing her.

It turns out, Blackbeard's pirate queen Annie? He's not just calling her a queen because she's his lover. Her real name is Anne Queen, potentially making her an ancestor of Arrow's Oliver Queen and meaning that the Legends' pirate adventures and their larger battle with Mallus in general could have major repercussions not just on Legends of Tomorrow, but for the Arrowverse as well. We've speculated previously that the Arrowverse timeline itself could be imploding as it seems that each of the anachronisms the Legends has to fix has oddly personal connections to each of the team members. Now, with the team encountering Anne Queen in 1717, it looks like they're starting to encounter those with connections to other parts of the Arroweverse as well.

While it's likely Anne Queen's death in "The Curse of the Earth Totem" won't directly change anything -- after all, she was technically "dead" before the Legends showed up anyway -- the team's activities in seeking the Earth Totem have already proven to have an impact on history. At the end of the episode, a bottle of rum that was previously attributed to Blackbeard now bore the name of the Dread Pirate Jiwe -- Amaya's fierce female pirate persona. It's possible that stories of Anne Queen rising from the ground and attacking people with vines could have also passed down that could end up having some significance as well.

But it's also likely that the Legends' involvement may have created deeper issues. In the present, the Earth Totem's location was unknown. It's possible that Blackbeard could have gone back and dug up Anne himself at a point in his future and, perhaps, upon being dug up Anne had better control of her totem and was able to live out the rest of her life -- a life that could directly lead to Oliver Queen. After all, the Earth Totem isn't in Bermuda 2018. It's missing. The Legends had to go back three centuries to find it in its last known location, which seems to indicate that it somehow moved from where it was buried, and its relocation was so unimportant that history didn't record it.


While it's very unlikely that we'll see any major impact transfer over to Arrow -- the Arrowverse shows may be connected but they also tend to exist in their own bubbles -- it's a plot point that could still play out over the rest of the season on Legends. As we discovered tonight, time is a critical element to Mallus and all of the anachronisms the team has been fighting have been weakening the very fabric of time itself. The new fate of Anne Queen might just be a loose thread in that fabric that could cause it all to rip.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.