'Krypton' Recap With Spoilers: "Hope"

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

"Hope" starts with Brainiac infecting another one of his handmaidens. Nyssa's talking to a member of the Sagitari, who informs her that the Sagitari are spread to thin with power in Kandor ripe for the taking.

Seg and Lyta talk about the situation they're in. They're planning on how to deal with the anarchy that's going to rise out of having no leader. Seg's sad of Adam Strange's apparent sacrifice. Lyta reminds him that he won't lose her and the two embrace.

Seg wakes up from a nightmare in which he's infected by Brainiac.

General Zod and Lyta meet up and General tells Lyta that since Brainiac survived the fall in the genesis chamber, they'll need to use an unkillable machine to kill the unkillable Brainiac. He says he's going to awake Doomsday.

Daron-Vex is talking to the leader of the Black Zero and we find out her name is Jax-Ur. She brands Daron in an attempt to get more information from him.

Seg, Jayna, and Nyssa find out that General Zod and Lyta are on their way to wake up Doomsday. The trio goes after the Zods.

General Zod and Lyta get to Doomsday's chamber and cuts his hand open. Seg, Jayna, and Nyssa show up and Seg is surprised to see that General Zod can open the door by using just his blood. It's revealed General Zod is Seg's son.

Zo opens the door to find that Doomsday has been moved. Seg won't tell him where Doomsday has been moved to.

Jax-Ur is torturing Daron over his previous treatment of her when she was a member of the Science Guild.

Zod expresses his displeasure with Jayna's role in helping Seg and Nyssa. Jayna and Lyta argue about their difference in opinions.

Giving in to the torture, Daron starts giving up secrets to Jax-Ur's soldiers. He tries to persuade one of the soldiers that he knows where the Voice oF Rao's hidden cache of money is, but the soldier refuses to let him go. The soldier leaves Daron's cell and it's revealed Daron managed to steal a pocket knife from him.

Seg and Nyssa are meeting with the rankless group in the Outlands. They refuse to hold Doomsday any longer and decide to move him to Kandor City, much to the disappointment of Seg.

Jayna and Zod share a tense moment where they have a standoff with their guns. The standoff ends with Zod challenging Jayna to a duel. Jayna accepts and the two begin fighting.

Daron manages to escape his holding cell and finds a soldier willing to accept money in exchange for getting him out of the compound.

Seg's taking to Val-El at the Fortress of Solitude, looking for reassurance from the hologram of his late grandfather. Val-El reminds Seg that hope can be a ppowerful weapon.

Jayna and Zod are continuing their fight. Jayne bests Zod and is in the process of choking him out when Lyta shoots her mother in the abdomen so that she falls to the ground, letting go of Zod. Jayna escapes.

Jax-Ur is informed that Daron has Daron escaped. She's able to shock him through the brand she gave him earlier on the neck.

Seg and Nyssa are talking about the Voice with Val-El. They decide that the Voice must be taking power from Kandor's power grid in order to power Brainiac's ship.

Seg goes to Jax-Ur and Nyssa goes to the Sagitari leader and they convince the two sides to work together to stop Brainiac. Jayna's trying to make her way out of the catacombs she fought Zod in, but she's too weak. She collapses in pain and passes out. She's approached and subsequently picked up by a mysterious man in a hood.

Jax-Ur and her men enter the Science Guild to find that Daron had been cloning members of the elite ranks in an attempt to keep power over forever.

Seg's giving a pep talk to the Sagitari and Black Zero in an attempt to rally them against Brainiac. Seg informs Nyssa that if things go south, she needs to go to the Fortress and shut everything down.

Brainiac uses his powers to make the Black Zero field leader turn his gun on the head Sagitari. He fires and the two sides slaughter each other.

Seg leads the Sagitari and Black zero into the Genesis Chamber, where the Voice is still absorbing the power.

Zod and Lyta are still walking through the catacombs when Zod reveals that Val-El was never actually executed.


Seg survives the massacre, but the Voice notices and uses his powers to begin choking him. The Voice begins to float Seg over the edge of the Genesis Chamber, but Nyssa rushes in and stabs the Voice in the back of the head with the key to the Fortress. The Voice combusts and his power beam shuts down.

The pair notice the real Brainiac beginning to form in the Voice's place and the two run out of the building before he sees them.