'Krypton' Makes a Major Change to Superman's Family History in "Hope"

Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Krypton, titled "Hope."

As Krypton's first season heads into its final stretch, the identity of General Dru-Zod's father has finally been revealed -- and it is a game-changer for everyone on the show.

As many fans had guessed from the beginning, it appears that Seg-El is the brother of General Zod, making him Jor-El's half brother and Superman's uncle.

In an early scene in the episode (seen above), Zod decides that it is time for action, and that the best course of action he can undertake is to free Doomsday from his stasis vault and use the beast against Brainiac. Lyta chooses to help him.

But when they arrive, she remembers that one needs the blood of both a Zod and an El to unlock the vault and free Doomsday. She asks him how he plans on getting Seg's blood, and Zod says there is no need. He cuts his hand, and his own blood opens the lock.

According to Zod, he genuinely did not know who his father was prior to seeing Seg and Lyta together, but he figured it out quickly.

In a previous episode, Zod told Lyta that she had told him growing up that his father was a soldier who perished in the battle for Kandor. He grew up without knowing his father.

"Well, at this point in time, no he doesn't," actor Colin Salmon, who plays Zod, told ComicBook.com about that scene, adding that Zod would have no reason to lie.

It is not clear whether Seg made it out of Kandor in the original timeline or not. It is possible that Lyta had lied to her son for any of a number of reasons, or she could have been honest in all but Seg's name. If he did not make it out of Kandor, though, one must wonder how his genetic material was used to make Jor-El. Given how many things on Krypton have demanded Seg's blood, though, there certainly could have been a way to make the Genesis Chamber happy.


Of course, now that Lyta and Seg seem to be at odds, one must wonder how that might impact their future son...but if he had not come, the pair would not be at odds and...oh, time travel hurts our brains. Let's go lie down and have some tea.

Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY. Next week will be the season finale, titled "The Phantom Zone."