'The Flash' Season 4 is Now on Netflix

The fourth season of The Flash is now available on Netflix.

The season, which ended its run on May 22, saw Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash face their greatest opponent yet -- The Thinker whose ability to out think and out plan the heroes made it difficult for them to foil his ultimate plan to rule the world by stripping people of their intelligence.

Along the way, dealing with The Thinker also meant facing challenges presented by a series of "Bus Metas", new metahumans created when Barry was rescued from the Speed Force where he had been imprisoned in at the end of the series' third season. These so-called Bus Metas not only provided smaller level villains for the team to deal with, but also saw Team Flash add a new member -- Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man.

Of course, no season would be complete without major, emotional challenges for Barry and this season gave the Scarlet Speedster a lot to deal with. He and Iris West finally married -- even if their wedding was interrupted by an invasion from Nazis on Earth-X and was later hijacked by Arrow's Oliver and Felicity who also got married. Their new marriage was then put to the test when, as part of his grand plan, The Thinker framed Barry for murder and we won't even get into the big reveal during the season finale.


So if you have been waiting for the fourth season to finish up so you can binge or you just want to revisit some of the more elaborate challenges The Flash has faced with it's first non-speedster seasonal big bad, grab some popcorn and settle in. And, just in case you need a refresher on how Barry ended up in the Speed Force? The other three seasons of the series are available as well.

The Flash will return to Tuesdays this fall at 8/7c on The CW.