'Shazam!' Will Not Feature a Superman Cameo

Today, the DC Extended Universe is being scrutinized very closely, and that's all due to Superman. A new report is out, revealing Henry Cavill’s reported exit from the franchise, and it will have some unintended consequences.

You know, like the fact that Shazam! won’t having a cameo featuring Superman anymore.

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Cavill is moving away from the DCEU. The article says Warner Bros. is parting ways with the British actor, and the issue began after negotiations for a Superman bit in Shazam! fell through.

According to the report, Warner Bros. had been working to recruit Cavill for a cameo in Shazam!, but talks broke down. The contract couldn’t be decided upon by Warner Bros. and Cavill’s WME reps. Now, the word is that Cavill is exiting the DCEU entirely while Warner Bros. shifts its focus to Supergirl.

The breakdown is a hard one for fans to accept, and it has a particularly hard angle for Shazam! lovers to take. After all, fans were excited for the Superman star to show up in the film. Now, it seems Cavill won’t be making any appearance in Shazam! as the Kryptonian, and it doesn’t look likely any version of Superman will show up in the April 2019 flick.

This isn’t the first time a report like this has popped up, but it is the first trade to confirm the details. Over on Twitter, Forbes reporter Mark Hughes appeared on the Superhero News podcast, and it was there the well-known insider cast doubt on the big cameo.

"Superman, I can tell you as of three to four weeks ago, last time I checked in, there is not movement on Superman," Hughes explained.

"It's not currently sitting on the table as a project that they're looking at moving forward on and there's no expectation of imminent movement on a Superman project... that's the situation," Hughes added.

In fact, Hughes went so far as to question whether Cavill would suit up as Superman again period. “As of right now, there's no Superman in Shazam! and there's no movement on a Superman solo movie. All this stuff is going to wait until they know for sure,” the reporter said, cluing in fans to the report which finally went live today about the actor’s exit.


For now, there is no word on what kind of cameos outside of Superman could factor into Shazam! when it goes live, but fans will be sure to keep their eye out. With the DCEU in casting turmoil, die-hard fans are going to be looking for any connective tissue meant to tease the franchise's future, and Shazam! could set that up along with Aquaman this fall.

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