'Wonder Woman 1984': Chris Pine Says the Tables Are Turned for His Role

In the first Wonder Woman film, Diana of Themyscira is introduced to larger world engulfed in war thanks to her "tour guide" of sorts in Steve Trevor, humorously played by Chris Pine. But in the sequel, those roles will be reverse.

The events of Wonder Woman 1984 take place more than 60 years after the battle in World War I, with Steve Trevor being miraculously resurrected in a time of glam fashion and television. To say the least, the former spy will be a bit overwhelmed by the new era.

"This one is a little different for me tonally," Pine said in conversation with Variety. "The tables are turned, and I’m more of the deer in the headlights."

This change makes a lot of sense in the sequel, as Diana has now lived among the humans for the same time as an average person's lifespan, witnessing all of the changes and advancements that go along with it. And given her somewhat "immortal" nature, she's more adapted than been isolated by the changes.

But Steve Trevor, despite being a regular guy (or as "regular" as a spy could possibly be), will probably be shaken at the drastically different landscape of the 1980s.

While it might have been a shock for fans to learn that Trevor would be returning in the sequel, Pine admitted that he wasn't surprised because he spoke with director Patty Jenkins about the idea while filming the first film.

"Patty had told me her idea somewhere in the middle of the first one and...when Patty gets an idea it's a pretty powerful thing because you can see the kernel land in the dirt and then all of a sudden it just starts growing and becoming a tree you know, and she could make you do anything," Pine said to BBC Radio 1. "That happened with a TV show we did and she just fully formed, and then she acts out every part."

Pine revealed that he wasn't originally going to join the first film — until he spoke with Jenkins.


"I mean when she pitched me Wonder Woman there's not a chance that I wanted to do Wonder Woman. First all it's not about me. It's not Wonder Man," Pine jokingly said, "but we met at this restaurant and she just, there was no script and pitched the story and I was like 'yes! All day yes. When do you want me to start?' And that's the joy and beauty of Patty."

It sounds like Pine is all in for Wonder Woman 1984, which premieres in theaters on June 5, 2020.