'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Predicts a Los Angeles Rams Victory in the Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl Sunday today and just ahead of the face-off between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, Arrow star Stephen Amell is making his prediction of who will walk away victorious.

Over on Twitter, Amell shared his prediction of who he thinks will win -- and if you've been keeping track of Amell's Super Bowl-related social media posts you already know he's not rooting for the Patriots.

"I think the Rams of Los Angeles win handily today," Amell wrote, punctuating the tweet with a ram emoji.

Amell hasn't been shy about his support for the Rams. On Friday, he posted that he was "fired up" to be heading to the Super Bowl to watch the team play, even tossing a bit of good-natured shade towards the Patriots by noting that he "forgot who they're playing". He followed that up with an in-flight photo cheering for the Rams while the photo itself featured the under construction Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park that will eventually be the home of the Rams as well as the Los Angeles Chargers and is expected to host the Super Bowl in 2022.

Now, with his prediction, it's pretty solid that Amell is cheering for the Rams but if you're superstitious his declaration might be worrisome, at least for Patriots fans. Back in 2014 for Super Bowl XLVIII, Amell predicted that the Seattle Seahawks would handily beat the heavily-favorited Denver Broncos and not just beat them, seriously stomp them. For that game, Amell wrote on Facebook that "Super Bowl Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 24 Denver Broncos 10. Guys... It's my page and I can predict whatever the hell I want. So there."

At the time, it was a prediction that seemed almost laughable, but it ended up being surprisingly accurate. The Seahawks beat the Broncos 43 to 8, the largest margin of victory of an underdog (the Seahawks in this case) and marked the first time the Seahawks had won the Super Bowl. Who knows, maybe Amell will be right again this year -- though if he is will seriously start questioning whether picking the Super Bowl champion is a super power or not.

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Super Bowl LIII takes places Sunday, February 3rd. Kickoff is slated for 6:30 p.m. ET.