Titans Reveals Best Look at Deathstroke Yet

DC Universe fans are happy to have Titans back for its second season, and the series hit the ground running. It didn't take long for Deathstroke to pop up and provide the team with an antagonist to take up the majority of Season 2's story arc. A new post on Reddit has given fans their most precise look at the villain yet, and the costume does not disappoint. Slade Wilson looks like he means business.

Titans' costume designers included a ton of small details to help make their version of Deathstroke stand out from other versions of the character. For example, the mask has a sort of carbon fiber overlay to help give the villain's face some much-needed dimension. That, along with the pleasing linked pattern on the breastplate, help break up the flatter elements of the costume that Titans fans could easily associate with the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon.

New Image of Deathstroke from r/TitansTV

Deathstroke's red aiming reticle over his right eye is a sly nod as well because it hovers over Wilson's patched eye. In this way, it serves as a bit of a fakeout for would be opponents who would believe that nothing is wrong on that side of his face. The Titans will probably be seeing him firsthand as the season progresses after Slade was alerted to their presence by a media broadcast.

Fans wil remember that the series left off with Dick Grayson falling victim to the dark influences of Trigon. Wonder Girl and Starfire anxiously awaited Hawk, Dove, and Robin after a rescue attempt. Raven's demonic father figure is out of the picture for the moment, but Deathstroke has become aware of the team.

Season 2's promotional material was not subtle and Slade Wilson's impressive skills were on display in one of the trailers. A sub-plot has already started bubbling with Grayson, Wonder Girl, Hawk, and Dove all being previously a part of an older group of Titans. A celebratory broadcast reaches Deathstroke as he was living out his days in nature and he decides to hop back into action against the heroes.

Greg Walker, Titans showrunner, told ComicBook.com about the careful balancing act at play with all the new characters in Season 2. But, he honestly loves a good challenge.


"We have like a cast of thousands here, so servicing everybody, it's been an interesting and welcome challenge. The core four are definitely there, but then you've got Jason Todd, you've got Wonder Girl and we brought in Superboy, we brought in a bunch of other characters. It's about getting all this together in a big room and then going about the world in different ways," Walker elaborated.

He continued, "I think that we try to give everybody really specific emotional arcs through the season and challenges, some of them have to do with the sins of the past and some of them have to do with more present-day challenges and struggles. There's a lot of story to 13 episodes and you can't have 13 people in a room looking at each other, playing Chutes and Ladders. So at some point, they go out in the world and they have to face their own challenges, only to come back to Titans, or not come back to Titans, or come back to Titans broken. That's kind of how we use it as a home base."