Seinfeld's Jason Alexander Wants to Play Batman Villain Egghead

Warner Bros. latest DC Comics movie, Joker, may have mixed reviews from critics but there is nothing mixed about its box office success. The film debuted with an impressive $96.2 million opening weekend and the Joaquin Phoenix-starring film looks like it's going to own the upcoming weekend at the box office as well. It's a popularity that may have some thinking about the potential for films about other Batman villains and among those people considering the question is Seinfeld star Jason Alexander. The actor is getting ahead of the curve by taking to Twitter with a suggestion of exactly what villain he should play: Egghead.

In a post to the social media site on Wednesday, Alexander noted that while he hasn't seen Joker yet, he's tossing out the idea that he'd be the perfect choice to play Egghead and even challenged his followers to come up with someone else who would be better suited than him.

Haven't seen Joker yet but it's clearly a hit," Alexander wrote. "So, in anticipation of films featuring other Batman villains, who would be better than me to play Egghead? Go ahead, throw out some names."

The idea of Egghead as a feature villain for a movie is an interesting one. The character is one that was specifically created for the 1966 Batman television series in which he was played by Vincent Price. While he has appeared in various animated films, including a brief appearance in The Lego Batman Movie, the character isn't exactly a mainstream villain. Alexander's fans also felt like Egghead would be the wrong villain for the actor to play anyway. Many chimed in and suggested that the real villain Alexander is suited to play is Penguin. Alexander himself conceded as much in a follow up tweet.

"Apparently the masses have decided that I'm a better Penguin than Egghead," Alexander wrote. "I blame it on my natural waddle."

A Penguin movie could be an interesting one to be sure, but for now the focus is on Joker which has been breaking records for the month of October with a $9.7 million box office on Monday and a $13.9 million box office on Tuesday. It's success that director Todd Phillips has thanked fans for.

"Thank you to everyone for showing up," Phillips wrote on Instagram. "It's been a bumpy ride but reading your feedback and feeling all the love makes it all worth it. Joker is everywhere."


What do you think about Alexander as either Egghead or Penguin? Let us know in the comments below.

Joker is now playing in theaters everywhere.