A Significant Character on The CW's DC Shows Will Come Out as Gay This Year

During The CW's presentation today at the Television Critics Association, network head Mark [...]


During The CW's presentation today at the Television Critics Association, network head Mark Pedowitz revealed that in addition to launching a new CW Seed animated series featuring the first gay superhero lead from a mainstream network, a "significant" character on one of The CW's live-action superhero shows would also come out as gay this season.

Nothing else was revealed, so it's unclear whether it will be an existing character who comes out as gay, or a major character introduced in one of the series' forthcoming seasons.

Sara Lance, the DC's Legends of Tomorrow character known as White Canary, has been established as bisexual since Arrow's second season, although her primary love interest has been a woman for most of the time she's existed. It's possible she could come out altogether, but it would seem like a non-event to most viewers, except the handful who shipped her with Captain Cold last season.

In the comics, Obsidian -- who will be played by Lance Henricksen in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow -- is gay. He hasn't been seen since DC's 2011 reboot, after which Obsidian's father, Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern) was reinvented as a homosexual.

Among existing characters, fans online immediately started speculating that Jeremy Jordan's Winn Schott could come out of the closet, clearing his crush on Kara out of the way of Supergirl's romance with James Olsen. That one would seem a likely candidate, since the exact quote from the panel was that executive producer Andrew Kreisberg (who works on The Flash and Supergirl primarily) said that "one of the characters on one of the shows will explore their sexuality."

Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow will all return to The CW in October. Each show will air on Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday, or Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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