You'll Never Guess Who Now Owns the Daily Planet

This week's Action Comics #1027 marked the penultimate issue of Brian Michael Bendis' run on the title as well as wrapped up the Superman Family's battle with Red Cloud as well as Marisol Leone, owner of The Daily Planet and leader of the Invisible Mafia that has had dark designs for Metropolis and Superman himself. But with just one issue remaining, many of the major plot elements get wrapped up in a fairly tidy bow and leaves fans with a stunning twist as to who now owns The Daily Planet with Leone out of the picture.

Spoilers for this week's Action Comics #1027 below.

As readers have known for some issues, Marisol Leone owns The Daily Planet, something that comes to a head when the FBI raids the publication as part of a federal investigation. Things come to a head when, in Action Comics #1025, Leone accuses Lois Lane of being from another dimension amidst the raid and while Superman, Supergirl, the Superboys and Brainiac 5 all do battle first with the parasite-like creature and then Red Cloud.

The chaos fully continues into #1027 as the battle between the Super Family and Red Cloud intensifies outside. Inside The Daily Planet, everyone is focused on the action outside, during which time Leone slips away, departing this dimension. Lois is arrested and taken in for questioning but is ultimately released and returns to the newspaper in time for the next major crisis: the new owner of The Daily Planet.

action comics 1027
(Photo: DC Comics)

In what Lois calls a "Superman-level emergency", it's revealed that Jimmy Olsen now owns the Daily Planet. The board of directors approved it -- apparently in record time -- meaning that Clark Kent now works for Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen. While this might seem like a stunning turn of events, clever readers might have seen this coming a few issues back. In Action Comics #1025, while the FBI is raiding the newspaper and threatening to seize it, Jimmy is briefly seen asking how much the place costs if someone were to want to buy it. He asks the FBI agent if one would have to buy the whole building or could one just by the newspaper itself. It turns out that Jimmy may have been asking those questions not just out of professional curiosity.


As for what Jimmy will do with the Daily Planet, that's something readers will have to wait for Action Comics #1028 to find out, but for deep Superman fans, there's something a little delightful about this turn of events. While not exactly the same scenario, it does have shades of the "Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor", the 22nd episode of the second season of Adventures of Superman from 1954 in which Jimmy ends up editor of The Daily Planet for a day.

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