Alfred Gets to Kick Some More Ass in Gotham Season 3

In Gotham season three, the tagline is "Heroes Will Fall," about as ominous as things get. When you look for straight-up "good guys" in Gotham City, it's hard to find many, but Alfred Pennyworth, played by Sean Pertwee, and Lucius Fox, played by Chris Chalk are certainly two of the biggest contenders. With falling heroes and a truck full of monsters running around, they'll have their work cut out for them this year. For Pertwee, the first step is being more accepting of Bruce's mission and methods, if reluctantly.

"With any teenager - I have a teenage son called Alfred, weirdly enough - like any teenage son you need to find a way of communicating, you need to find a hook," Pertwee explained to at San Diego Comic Con. "Last season, [Bruce] is becoming a man. He's hormonally challenged, and Alfred has done reverse psychology this season saying 'do what you do, just tell me what you're doing.' So there's a definite sort of more unification between Alfred and Bruce, and you'll see their relationship sort of flourish this season. We have a couple more sets, the manor is expanding."

The next step in Bruce's physical training will arrive this season, as actor David Mazouz has taken on a real-life trainer and Bruce and Alfred continue "training, fighting, sparring a bit, and you'll see more of the development," Pertwee said. He teased that it'll have to be under "a low profile" because of the Court of Owls, however.

(Photo: FOX)

As for Alfred on his own, he will get to kick some more ass in season three, Pertwee gave an emphatic "yes," and said that the "writers and producers are very keen on that."

Chris Chalk joined the interview, and said that he'll be getting his metaphorical hands dirty "with his mind" this season. "Lucius is not a fighter, but he supports the fight." As to just how he'd support it, when asked if we'd start seeing some of Fox's inventions and gadgets, Chalk didn't respond verbally - but he did wink several times with a sly grin, indicating we're on track. "Just keep watching!" he teased.


Watch the full interview above, including Pertwee talking about the PTSD that Alfred and Bruce both explore this season, and the ease of working with a cast that shares a tight friendship.

Gotham season three hits FOX on September 19, 2016.