An Arrowverse Hero "Highly Likely" To Die in "Crisis on Infinite Earths"

Delivering news that will surely fuel the fires of speculation between now and November, The CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters at TCA this week that it is "highly likely" that at least one hero in the network's interconnected universe of DC Comics superhero shows will die during the upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event.

In the comics, both Supergirl and The Flash perished during Crisis on Infinite Earths, a year-long crossover event that took place across DC's publishing line in the mid-'80s. On TV, though, fans have been speculating that Stephen Amell's Green Arrow might be the one to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the multiverse.

Pedowitz reportedly said that the event is "highly likely" to feature a character death, but warned it might be a "remix" of what happened in the comics.

This ties into theories that have been bouncing around the fan community since last year's "Elseworlds" crossover, in which Oliver Queen made a secret deal with The Monitor to save the lives of Barry and Kara after seeing their deaths in the Book of Destiny.

Even the audience was not clued in to what the deal will be, with an abrupt cut that left a lot of viewers thinking there was more to the scene, which we may see either in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" or in the episodes of Arrow leading up to it.

During the event, Pedowitz also said that "Crisis" will be the biggest and most complex crossover that The CW has done yet, although even if Batwoman is ordered to series, there is no guarantee that all five Arrowverse shows will be airing at the same time when "Crisis" begins.

Dated for Fall 2019, it is likely that "Crisis" will still air in November or early December, as the crossovers have done so far, and feature DC's Legends of Tomorrow alongside the cast of Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash in the mega-event.

Next fall is much sooner than the originally-teased date of 2024, which has been suggested for years. Going all the way back to the pilot for The Flash, the series teased Barry Allen's apparent death in "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

A newspaper that has appeared again and again on The Flash has teased Barry's disappearance, a storyline that was picked up in earnest when his daughter traveled back to the present day from the future to "meet" him since he has been gone her whole life.

Asked whether he knew how and when he intended to pay off the various teases, The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing smiled and told, "Yeah. But that's all I can say."

He elaborated a tiny bit, saying, "Greg [Berlanti] really has a sort of master plan of things, and I'm really excited about how it's going to pay off."

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