Another Look At Stephen Amell In Arrow Season 5 Set Video

arrow season 5
(Photo: The CW)

In a recent Instagram update, Arrow’s Stephen Amell celebrated a personal milestone as he hit 3 million followers on the site. While fans were no doubt excited for the actor, they were far more interested in focusing on what the actor looked like as the video update showed him on-set ahead of Arrow’s fifth season.

3m. ❤️

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Amell can be seen with short, scruffy stubble, and there's blood smeared across his left cheek due to what looks like a cut. The actor’s hair is shown to be long and dingy, but Amell’s smile was still more than enough to make fangirls swoon. With Arrow’s fifth season now shooting, fans are excited to see any news on the upcoming season given the fourth season’s disastrous ending.

Arrow’s last season finale finished with Team Arrow going their separate ways. Diggle and Captain Lance decided to leave Star City all-together while Thea hung up her vigilante hood. With everyone stepping back, Team Arrow was just left with Felicity as its only remaining member as Oliver took up the mantle of Star City’s interim mayor. Newbie Curtis Holt, though he’s not an official addition to Team Arrow, was also last seen working with Felicity after he helped defeat Darhk.

With season five on the horizon, fans are now wondering what Arrow will bring to The CW when it returns this Fall. Plenty of recent casting announcements have been made this Summer which have hyped fans as Josh Segarra was confirmed as the show's newest D.A., Adrian Chase. Chad Coleman will also enter as gangster Tobias Church, and Rick Gonzalez has been cast as the vigilante Wild Dog. Amell himself also told fans that he was super pumped to hear that Carly Pope had joined Arrow’s cast to play journalist Susan Williams.

Amell has also teased that this fifth season would refocus Arrow back on what the series’ “core mission” has always been and that it'll go “back to its roots.” As plenty of fans have been upset with Arrow’s direction over past seasons, the actor's words have made viewers hopeful he'll keep good on the promise.


Judging by how chill Amell seems in his Insta update, it looks like things are going smoothly on-set so far, so fingers crossed!

Arrow will return to The CW for its fifth season this Fall.