Aquaman And Black Manta Finally Go Head-to-Head (On A Roller Coaster)

DC Comic fans will still have to wait another year to see Aquaman and Black Manta go head-to-head in James Wan's standalone film, but the actors who play the rival characters are already engaging in some more friendly competition.

On Thursday, Jason Momoa posted a video of himself and Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Aquaman and Black Manta respectively, getting on a roller coaster in Australia. The duo begin by making a bet about their adventure, saying that they have to keep their hands up the whole time, and they will lose if they vomit.

The fun-loving pair then gets on the ride and straps in, laughing and fist bumping the whole time. At the end of the video, they both declare this "the best lunch break ever."

While it's fun to see these on-screen enemies having such a good time together, it's even better when you get some context as to what ride they're actually on.

Warner Bros. Movie World Australia is very close to where Aquaman is being filmed on the Gold Coast. The theme park has plenty of DC-themed rides, but this particular attraction is the newest, having just opened to the public within the last 48 hours.


The ride is called the DC Rivals Hyper Coaster, which makes sense for these two actors, considering their characters are the epitome of DC Rivals.

They may be friendly now, but Momoa and Abdul-Marteen will duke it out when Aquaman hits theaters on December 21, 2018.