New 'Aquaman' Writer Explains Why Series Is Moving Away From Atlantis

Ahead of Aquaman's solo big screen debut, the oceanic hero is going to be getting a new direction in the pages of DC Comics. Following the successful Aquaman run from Dan Abnett that kicked off the character's Rebirth story, Captain Marvel scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick is taking over and taking Arthur Curry's saga to much different places.

One of the key changes occurring in DeConnick's new Aquaman series is a significant location swap. Rather than sticking to Atlantis, this new run will take Arthur elsewhere, away from what he knows best.

During an interview for DC Universe, the writer explained exactly why she chose to move things away from Atlantis and towards a more unique spin on Aquaman.

"In order for us to make our place, we had to get away from the Atlantis stuff, even though the Atlantis lore is really wonderful," DeConnick said. "The absolutely fantastic run that we're following has been doing a heavy Atlantean story. So we wanted to to have a contrast. We're ambitious, right? [Laughs.] We want to make a hell of a run here. We want [other creators] to be like, 'Shit, I can't follow that!'"

The first arc of DeConnick's run will begin on December 19th (just two days before Aquaman hits theaters), and it has a very interesting title, "Unspoken Water." According to DeConnick, the name will make a lot more sense once you begin reading the story.


"'Unspoken water' is a Scottish term for a cure. It was an old magic. Sometimes it was believed that if it was person was sick, then they were hexed and you needed to bring the water to cure them. Unspoken water came from underneath the bridge over which both the living and the dead had passed; and you were silent when you delivered the water to the ill person. No words were said and then the water would remove the magic if the person had been bewitched."

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