'Aquaman' Gets an Honest Trailer Treatment

Aquaman became the latest film to get the Honest Trailers treatment this week, as the Screen [...]

Aquaman became the latest film to get the Honest Trailers treatment this week, as the Screen Junkies YouTube channel uploaded their latest video on the DCEU film on Thursday. The clip started off by going through the highs and lows of DC's latest films, from the lows of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League to the highs of Wonder Woman. Given that Aquaman raked in $1.14 billion at the box office while keeping a "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it's definitely fair to say the film was a rousing success. But as the trailer showed, it was not beyond criticism.

"Now, Warner Bros. and DC are back to just completely overwhelm you," the announcer said as the video cut to scenes from the movie's climactic battle. "What is happening?!"

The film credited Jason Mamoa's "pure charisma" is elevating the film's quality, joking that his real super power was "smoldering." The trailer then recapped Arthur Curry's journey to becoming King of Atlantis.

"Strap in as Arthur Curry embarks in a reluctant quest to become King Arthur (cuts to numerous actors playing the mythical King Arthur). But you know, like, a cool version.

"And he's not alone. Here to help are Princess Meera (Amber Heard), and his mother Queen Atlanta (Nicole Kidman). Two powerful women, struggling to overcome terrible wigs," the trailer continued. "Together they'll hunt for a mythical trident that will mark him as the one true king by giving him his comic book accurate costume."

The trailer then addressed how many locations and story points the film breezes through, comparing Ocean Master's attempt to unite the seven undersea kingdoms to a Game of Thrones plot.

"...while still making time for Indiana Jones adventures, Little Mermaid love stories, a blood feud with high-tech pirates, and that's before taking a quick lap in the dinosaur-filled core of the Earth, summoning the Kaiju and bringing peace to the world," the announcer said, running out of breath at the end.

While the trailer was overall positive, it did question if the movie was so packed with plot that James Wan was moving forward with a "Trench" spinoff just to buy time for writing a sequel.

As for negatives, the only points the video had were the aforementioned wigs on Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard, Curry's somewhat inconsistent powers when it came to be attacked with weapons, Patrick Wilson's character screaming and the repeating trick of using explosions to interrupt a quiet scene.