'Aquaman' Director James Wan Explains Why He Chose Ludi Lin To Play Murk

Power Rangers fans got to witness the transformation of Ludi Lin in Aquaman, who morphed from [...]

Power Rangers fans got to witness the transformation of Ludi Lin in Aquaman, who morphed from Power Rangers' Black Ranger into Atlantean soldier Murk, and James Wan recently revealed why he chose Ludi for the role.

Lin played the role of Zack in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and scored a whole new group of fans in the process. Now he has taken on a different role as Atlantean commander Murk, a character that has a long history in the Aquaman comics. Chris Cantada had the chance to speak with Wan about working Lin on the character, and why he was perfect for the part.

"Well I mean I, having talked with Ludi while I was in the casting process I realized how smart this guy was," Wan told Cantada. "Ludi is actually a very cerebral person. He's very philosophical, and so when I got talking to him I really loved his personality a lot, and even though the movie has a lot of actors that are already in place, I really wanted a sort of strong Asian character in there that might potentially have his own story down the line and so casting someone like Ludi was very important."

While Lin is no stranger to wearing armor, Aquaman required a bit more work in the makeup chair, all part of Wan making Lin look more dangerous.

"Ludi's a very good looking guy as we all know, and so one of the things that I had to do early on, I told Ludi 'Ludi, I need to kind of danger you up a little bit more (laughs). Scar you up a little bit more and make you look more dangerous', and so that was really fun to play with Ludi on that," Wan said.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

Fans are still pulling for the chance to see Lin reprise his role in Power Rangers, provided there is a sequel, but at least you can see him take on Aquaman when the movie hits later this month.

Aquaman is directed by James Wan and stars Jason Momoa (Arthur/Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Nicole Kidman (Queen Atlanna), Patrick Wilson (Orm/Ocean Master), Willem Dafoe (Nuidis Vulko), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), Ludi Lin (Murk), Dolph Lundgren (King Nereus), Djimon Hounsou (The Fisherman King), Natalia Safran (Fisherman Queen), and Michael Beach (Jesse Kane).

Aquaman lands in theaters on Friday, Dec. 21st, 2018.