'Aquaman': New Look At Ocean Master And Mera

Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con got a new look at Mera and Ocean Master from Aquaman.

Earlier today, a fan posted new promotional images of Mera (Amber Heard) and Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) on Reddit, giving fans an additional look of the characters before the expected release of the Aquaman movie trailer this weekend.

NEWS: Mera & Ocean Master (promotional images) from r/DC_Cinematic

Both characters look exceptionally like their comic book counterparts, with some fans particularly noting that Ocean Master looks like he was ripped straight out of an issue of Aquaman. Notably, Ocean Master's distinctive helmet is real as opposed to CGI - which has some fans thrilled and others worried that he will look more like a Power Rangers villain on the big screen.

Mera and Ocean Master are key characters in Aquaman lore. Mera is Aquaman's primary love interest and a fierce warrior able to control and shape water. Ocean Master is Aquaman's half-brother and sometimes ruler of Atlantis.

Ocean Master's origins has varied in the comics. Originally, he was depicted as fully human and jealous of Aquaman's abilities, but DC eventually swapped his origin so that he ties to Aquaman were from his Atlantean heritage. Most recently, Ocean Master was shown to be the son of Atlanna (played by Nicole Kidman in the Aquaman movie) and a member of the Atlantean Guard. Not only does Ocean Master have many of the same abilities as his brother, but his helmet can also control oceanic water.


While Mera also can control "hard water," her abilities stem from her heritage as the princess of Xebel, a former Atlantean penal colony. Mera made a brief appearance in the Justice League movie, in which she briefly fought Steppenwolf when he came for a Mother Box held by Atlantean forces.

Aquaman is set to hit theaters on December 21, and the first trailer is going to arrive this weekend during DC and WB's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con.