'Batman v Superman' Warehouse Fight Improved by Pitbull's 'Aquaman' Song

Now that Aquaman has premiered in theaters, the world can bask in the glory that is Pitbull's [...]

Now that Aquaman has premiered in theaters, the world can bask in the glory that is Pitbull's insane song that pays homage to the fictional empire of Atlantis while sampling Toto's classic "Africa" on his new song "Ocean to Ocean."

The song is so absolute, so perfect in its sincerity, that it could make anything better — including the epic warehouse scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And because the Internet's track record is impeccable, we shouldn't be surprised that someone edited the two together.

Some curmudgeons might not like the song or think that it doesn't belong the movie, and while it's ok to be wrong, there's a reason it was made for Aquaman. Director James Wan explained why they recruited Mr. Worldwide to improve on a classic during an interview with Business Insider.

"Putting the song in the sequence where Aquaman and Mera walk out of the water in slow motion, I felt: For f---'s sake, let's have fun with it! It's something out of Fast and Furious," said Wan, who happened to direct Furious 7. "Pitbull was in there very early on. He was really excited to do something for the film. That sequence is very tongue-in-cheek, and we just wanted to have fun with it. And we wanted a cheeky song at that point of the movie. I just wasn't sure what song it was going to be."

Aquaman is currently dominating the box office, and audiences are responding positively. It seems likely that the movie will get a sequel — and possibly another glorious cover song from Pitbull. But will Wan return to helm the project?

The director addressed the possibility while speaking with us, hinting that he might like to make a smaller movie next.

"I mean, liking the people I work with goes a long way," Wan said. "That was the reason why I came back when I did Insidious 2. But it's a weird one for me, because I actually don't know what I want to do next for the first time in my career. I felt like Aquaman ticked a lot of boxes for me. I want to do another action movie after Furious 7, I wanted to do a world creation film, and I wanted to do a superhero movie, and Aquaman literally ticked all of those boxes for me. And so right now, I'm in that sort of place of like do I kind of go back and do a smaller movie maybe as my next one, something a bit more intimate. Or if I can do a personal movie, but maybe it's on a bigger scale. I'm not sure at this point."

Aquaman is now playing in theaters, where you can hear the sweet, sweet sounds of "Ocean to Ocean."