Aquaman Star Spotted Arriving On Set To Begin Filming

John Wick star Willem Dafoe has been having quite a come back as of late. Well, it's not like he ever went away - but after the blockbuster success of John Wick he's been working his way back into comics book movies. 17 years ago he played a villain - the Green Goblin - in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Now that we're working on our third Spider-Man, Dafoe has moved to DC and is taking the role of a good guy, Aquaman's advisor, Nuidis Vulko.

As filming on Justice League is now complete and they're going into post-production, James Wan's Aquaman is having their cast one by one show up to the set on the east coast of Australia. According to local reports they've been seen filming on North Stradbroke Island and along the Gold Coast.

In a tweet posted yesterday the Spanish language DC fan account UniversoDC1 posted several photos and a blurry cellphone image of a Australian newspaper article about the arrival of Willem Dafoe on set.

I recommend checking out the photos before they're likely taken down. The shots were taken by local Chris Polson who was quoted in the Courier-Mail as saying that there was up to "80 support crew... on the island for filming..."


Aquaman, currently slated to be released in October of 2018 has a 3.64 out ouf 5 on the Anticipation Rating.


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