Someone Found an Aquaman Figure With Sebastian Stan's Head On It

A Twitter user claims to have found a (Jason Momoa) Aquaman action figure with the head of a (Sebastian Stan) Winter Soldier figure on its body (let's call him AquaStan), and Twitter is having way too much fun with it.

User "Cheshire KATH" shared a photo of a Justice League figure from the Multiverse line (which you can get at retailers like Walmart and Target) that had what is clearly an incorrect head on its body, along with a joke to the effect that someone had "whitewashed" Jason Momoa.

Momoa is of Pacific Islander descent, which is carried over into the DC movies' take on Aquaman, who has tattoos with regional significance.

You can see the tweet below, but by all means, read some of the comments to get a sense for exactly how weird this conversation has become in spots.

The most obvious answer, which she concedes, is that someone bought the Aquaman figure and, for whatever reason, replaced the head and then returned it to the store. Once the tweet started to take off (it has over 4,000 retweets), the joke about the toy company changing the heads became less fun, with users chiming in to "correct" her that it was likely not the toy company, arguing over her definition of whitewashing, and other quibbles.


In any event, this is an oddity and we have to say that if we were to spot it in the wild we would probably buy it and leave it in the box as a reminder that whatever you think of, somebody out there is doing something weirder.

Momoa's Aquaman movie will be in theaters on December 21, 2018. Stan's Bucky Barnes can next be seen in Avengers: Infinity War on April 27.