Vulko Trains Young Arthur In New 'Aquaman' Clip

Being an origin story, Aquaman features plenty of moments showcasing how Arthur Curry learned to [...]

Being an origin story, Aquaman features plenty of moments showcasing how Arthur Curry learned to tap into his Atlantean abilities.

In a new clip from Aquaman, Vulko trains Arthur Curry on land, teaching him how to use a trident. Ultimately, he pulls out a move which twirls his own weapon and uses water as a shield. Arthur, however, is not ready to learn the move just yet and Vulko will determine when the moment is right.

Vulko actor Willem Dafoe is no stranger to comic book movies or major franchises but Aquaman was still a unique experience for the veteran actor. "To create the underwater thing, I'm always on wires, almost, which was really cool," Dafoe told Jimmy Fallon. "When I was doing it, it's not a shark. It's a green cube. I'm sitting basically on a box on wires and I'm flying around. The trick is, you know, to personalize it. Try to imagine it, the green box. I gave it a name. Named it Muriel, after my mother. That's not to say she was a shark. Somehow, I love that name, and it made me love my shark. That's the connection ya gotta make when you're an actor!"

In fact, the entire crew on Aquaman likely had a unique and learning experience in making the DC Comics stories come to life. "It was a combination of a lot, a lot of efforts from a lot of people," Wan told "Whenever we have the actors, obviously, they're there on wires and on rigs, and they have to do what they have to do, and big stunts obviously with the actors riding their creatures, and jumping, and hacking and slashing their way through the sequence. And then ultimately just a lot of many iterations of visual effects on all the shots. Just keep working on the shots, keep tweaking it, and trying to get the animation looking right. Trying to make sure to design the action in such a way where even though there's a lot of visual effects happening, a lot of CG happening, I want the audience to kind of know where they are, and then on top of that, just wanted to just keep breaking grounds. You know, breaking visual grounds that we haven't seen before, and just really push the envelope."

Ultimately, stars such as Dafoe, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, and Patrick Wilson were exposed to some intense and heavily computerized action-sequences. As seen in the clip above, they brought impressive chops to each of the moments which required tremendous amounts of choreography!

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21, 2018.