'Aquaman's Amber Heard Reveals Mera Dolls and Figures

Amber Heard will be bringing Mera to life once again in Aquaman, but she will also be taking over [...]

Amber Heard will be bringing Mera to life once again in Aquaman, but she will also be taking over toy aisles thanks to the film, and she seems pretty excited about that.

Heard was shown a few of the figures hitting store shelves that are based on her character from Aquaman, and she couldn't be happier with them. The first batch included two figures from Mattel's line, featuring Mera in a costumed version and one in a royal outfit from another part of the film.

The second batch included several Funko versions of Mera from the movie, including two POPs and two blind box mystery minis for comparison. Each set will also feature one Mera in her costume and one Mera in a colorful dress.

You can check out Heard seeing her toys for the first time in the image above.

"@analeitsong is a doll herself... such a sophisticated young lady. Here's the @mattel and @originalfunko versions of Mera! 📸 @brandonmcculloch," Heard wrote alongside the post.

One thing the figures don't necessarily showcase is Mera's impressive power set, but Heard will have the chance to show that off in the full film, something Heard alluded to during the Aquaman set visit.

"So I control water," Heard said. "Mera's power, other than just being a warrior princess in Atlantis, is that she also can control water, a power that becomes in quite handy as you will see. Not only in this scene, but it plays throughout the mission, throughout their entire journey. She relies on hydrokinesis to kind of save the world and stuff."

The character is immensely powerful, but also strongly independent, something that attracted Heard to the role.

"I've not been interested in playing reactionary women or weak female characters. Mera is the definition of a strong, driven, independent woman. Aside from the whole sword and crown comment, what really sold me on this project, I was doing my research and was reading the graphic novels, and in one of the first ones I read, there's a scene, some natural disaster in open water, a tsunami hits on the land, and of course Aquaman comes in and saves the day and civilians are like, 'Oh my god, it's Aquaman!' And they turn to Mera, who has done equal work in saving this village, and they're like, 'Who are you? Are you Aquawoman?'" Heard explained.

"And she's like, 'No, I'm not Aquawoman. I'm Mera, I have my own name.' And I was like, I like this. I like this woman. I respect it as a character, I respect it as a person. I also respect it as the average modern woman, who is sick and tired of seeing the same old, two-dimensional, reactionary, passive roles that are limited to being rescued or enchanting the male protagonist. I feel I have a lot more to offer in life and I'm bored with those characters when I watch them," the actress added.

Aquaman lands in theaters on Dec. 21st.