The CW President Says Arrow Flash-Forward Spinoff Is a "Possibility"

Last season on Arrow, fans were introduced to the future of Star City thanks to the show's "Star City 2040" timeline which, through a series of flash forwards, told the story of Mia Smoak (Katherine McNamara), Oliver and Felicity's daughter. While the young woman was reluctant to take up heroics, by the end of the season fans saw her come into her own, reuniting with her brother, William (Ben Lewis) and stepping up to save Star City. When it was announced that Arrow would end its run with Season 8, though, many fans started to speculate that perhaps a spinoff featuring Mia and her allies was in the works and now, it seems that while a spinoff isn't in the works, it's also not entirely out of the question.

During The CW's presentation at the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday. network president Mark Pedowitz was asked about the potential for an Arrow 2040 spinoff and he said that it is a possibility, but that the discussion hadn't really happened one way or the other just yet. He also mentioned that there is another DC property that the network is looking at. No details were given on what that property could be.

When it comes to an Arrow spinoff, it the idea that it is even being considers gives fans just a bit more hope that they will continue to see some of their favorite characters. Arrow consulting producer Marc Guggenheim told in a recent interview that there's a chance we could see Arrow characters elsewhere in the Arrowverse -- though he framed it in the larger context of the existing shows.

"That's a terrific question, and there's always a chance." Guggenheim explained. "Especially since this has now become this huge universe. We have all these different places we can go, different ways we can tell stories. And the thing I always - and I've been saying this for a few years now, because it's been a universe for a few years now - whenever an actor leaves the show, I always say 'It's not goodbye, it's see you later.' Because we have all these different avenues available to us, between time travel and parallel universes and animated — you name it, we've got all these different avenues, which is a nice thing to be able to explore."

The idea of a future-based Arrow spinoff is something that series showrunner Beth Schwartz herself addressed earlier this year, noting at the time that a spinoff wasn't something she could rule out.


"It was definitely meant to grow the world that we had already built and to see the next generation of what Oliver and Felicity and our present-day team have worked so hard for, and sort of see what happens in the future," Schwartz said. "We love those characters and would love to see them go on in some capacity after the show's over."

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