Stephen Amell Reveals The Dead 'Arrow' Character He Would Bring Back

Characters dying - and coming back to life in various ways - has become a sort of recurring theme within the world of Arrow. But for series star Stephen Amell, there's one cast member he wishes could return.

During a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con, Amell spoke about which character he would personally resurrect within the world of Arrow, if given the opportunity.

"For me, it's always Tommy Merlyn." Amell revealed. "Definitely Tommy."

As Arrow fans will certainly remember, Oliver's childhood best friend (played by Colin Donnell) factored heavily into the show's first season, before perishing in the Undertaking brought on by his father, Malcolm (John Barrowman). Amell hinted that he'd be curious to see how Tommy's character evolved, given the precedent established in DC Comics.

"As great as the emotional significance of him dying in the season one finale was, and as much as that impacted and sort of reverberates through the show, I really would've loved to see what happened to that character." Amell added. "Because obviously, the lore of Tommy Merlyn is that he becomes Oliver's greatest nemesis."

Tommy has appeared in later flashbacks (and a clever name drop in the show's 100th episode), but his potential return has been highly theorized by many. Some wondered if he would return as a result of The Flash's Flashpoint paradox, possibly as the season five big bad Prometheus. While that didn't end up happening, there is a chance he could be hiding behind the mask of another villain in Arrow's world.

Arrow returns on Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following the season premiere of Supernatural.

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