David Ramsey Shows off His New 'Arrow' Costume

At the end of last week's episode of Arrow, Oliver Queen stunned fans by stepping down from being Green Arrow only to turn the mantle over to John Diggle, presumably for good. Now, ahead of Diggle's first outing as the hero, actor David Ramsey is showing off his take on the costume.

In a photo shared to his official Instagram account this weekend, Ramsey suits up as Star City's vigilante hero with the simple caption "@StephenAmell until you turn my friend... I accept." The photo comes in response to Arrow star Stephen Amell's slightly cryptic tweet last week telling Ramsey "you're up." You can check out the photo below.

@StephenAmell until your return my friend... I accept. #arrowseason6

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While this isn't the first look at Diggle as Green Arrow -- that came in the promo trailer for the upcoming "Next of Kin" episode of Arrow -- this photo does give fans a good look at this new take on the hero. It appears that Diggle's Green Arrow will be nearly identical to Oliver's version, at least in terms of costume, though another surprise last week may call into question just how well Diggle will be able to fill Oliver's shoes.

In the show's sixth season premiere fans noticed that Diggle had issues firing his weapon which resulted in Wild Dog getting seriously injured. After struggling again in the latest episode, Diggle opened up to Dinah that while everyone had previously assumed he was unharmed, Diggle took shrapnel to the shoulder on Lian Yu, leaving him with degenerative nerve damage. Diggle had resolved to talk to Oliver about the issue, but ultimately said nothing when Oliver instead asked him to take on up the Green Arrow mantle.


While this isn't the first time Diggle has suited up in Oliver's place (back in season one Diggle stepped up as "The Hood" briefly,) with Diggle truly taking on the mantle there will likely be significant fallout, from possible strain on Diggle's relationship to longer term impact on the very future of Star City.

Fans will just have to keep tuning in to Arrow on Thursday nights at 9/8c on The CW to see how Diggle's turn as Green Arrow works out.