'Arrow's Echo Kellum Talks That Amazing T-Sphere Scene in "Crisis on Earth-X"

This year's Arrowverse crossover 'Crisis on Earth-X' was very popular, receiving wide praise from [...]

This year's Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" was very popular, receiving wide praise from fans and critics alike for its epic, four-part adventure that saw the heroes do battle with Nazi invaders from Earth-X.

But it wasn't just the story that made the crossover a must-watch, but some of the specific scenes and shots as well -- specifically an incredible moment where Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh) rode on one of Curtis Hot/Mister Terrific's t-spheres. It was a scene that was cool to watch, but according to Echo Kellum, was equally as cool to be a part of. The actor told ComicBook.com it was cool to be a part of, especially having grown up as a comic book fan as a kid.

"That was so cool," Kellum said. "You know, I mean, we have terrific writers and, you know, they are the real deal, legit comic book fans and always see these really cool moments and fun ways to make things, these things happen on television. Which is amazing, like, you know, our budgets are so much smaller compared to films, and the fact they can still put so much awesome stuff, CGI, guns, fighting into these, you know, TV shows, it really just speaks volumes to the breadth of talent that CW, Warner Brothers and others, you know, just put into these shows right. And that, I mean, like as a nerd, somebody that grew up loving comic books and video games, like, I'm living in heaven right now when it comes to media and to see all these things, and what my experience is something I never thought I'd see growing up as a kid."

The idea of being able to see the heroics played out on the small screen is something that Kellum said has greater meaning as well. He explained that audiences need stories that show the good in humanity and that's why the crossover was particularly popular. People connect with seeing the good in people come together to defeat evil.

"And so, you know, it's amazing to be a part of it is literally mind-blowing and, you know, very surreal," Kellum said. "But, it's something that I'm so, just like, the kid in me is just like jumping up and down screaming and, you know, I have to be cool outside because people would think I'm crazy. But, you know, it's like a real great feeling just to play even a small part of, you know, what's happening right now on TV and film with super hero shows and whatnot and, you know, obviously there's a huge audience there for these epic that tells the best stories about humanity. They use a lot of great analogues individuals to remind ourselves of our own humanity and our own shortcomings and sometimes our victories, and you know, leaping of hurdles and whatnot in humans. And I think that's why so many people connect to it. So many people who love them and what people are following from the page to the screen."

The episodes of "Crisis on Earth-X" are currently streaming on The CW's website. Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.