New Arrow Final Season Photo Reveals a Shocking Couple's Return

It has been nearly a decade since Arrow made its way to TV, and the superhero show is nearing its [...]

It has been nearly a decade since Arrow made its way to TV, and the superhero show is nearing its end. This year, The CW will part ways with the Green Arrow, and the network has big plans in store for the hero. As fans expected, some familiar faces will return to Arrow in season eight for a last hurrah, and that includes a rather surprising duo.

Oh, and this time? It seems like Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn have got some sort of romance kindling between them.

Recently, IGN caught the attention of Arrow fans when it released a new photo of from season eight. As you can see below, the image is a curious one as it sees Oliver dressed in civilian clothes while Moira and Malcolm stand behind him.

arrow season 8
(Photo: The CW)

Looking surprised, Oliver seems unsure what to make of the situation, but the pair behind him seem cozy. His mom Moira is dressed in a light knee-length skirt and jacket with his blonde hair curled. As for Malcom, he has an arm slung around the lady's shoulder, and he's dressed in a usual business suit.

According to IGN, Moira and Merlyn will feature in this final season, but Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz would not explain how the pair return.

"All I can say is that it's something we've never done on our show before, and we're going to see a lot of familiar faces in a different way than we've done on the show before," they teased.

Looking at this photo, fans are convinced Oliver must enter a parallel world where Moira and Merlyn are in love. Schwartz said it was very important to the show to bring these characters back, and audiences are eager to see how they are used. With Arrow in charge of sparking the Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, there's surely some multiverse explanation behind this photo, and it will be up to Oliver to find it. The mission will surely be one of his last as the hero's journey will wrap in this final season. Arrow marks the first DC Comics series to wrap on The CW and happens to be the first to kickstart the network's superhero ventures. It goes without saying the end of an era comes with Arrow's finale, and this new photo proves the show isn't sparing any expense this season.

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