'Arrow' Recap with Spoilers: The Team Plays Murder Mystery in "Confessions"

(Photo: The CW)

"Confessions" starts with Oliver being questioned about the murder of two Transit System security guards the SCPD discovered, where he comes clean to the police department about Emiko being his half-sister. The episode then goes on a non-linear path, where it jumps back and forth in time between the three days prior to the murder of the guards.

We find out the guards were killed in a fight in an attempt to stop a biochemical attack by Emiko and the Ninth Circle. We also see that Team Arrow called Roy Harper in to help out with the situation. Through the timeline, we see that Emiko is working directly with Mr. Toth, the CEO of Aerodyne, and that's why he didn't want the protection of Team Arrow from the Ninth circle — because he's in on the development of the biochemical weapon.

Initially, Dinah suspects Roy of killing the guards but the buck almost instantly gets passed to Rene, as he was the last one located by the cops after they were shot. Rene eventually lets it slip that Oliver was the first one on the scene, causing the police to think he was the murderer. Getting questioned again, Oliver admits that Emiko was the one to kill the guards.

After all members of Team Arrow are released, we finally see the entire fight and it's revealed Dinah has been working with Team Arrow all along, lying so the cops wouldn't be suspicious of any members of Team Arrow. We finally see Roy bludgeon the guards to death in a fit of rage. The team worked together to cover it all up and protect Roy from murder charges.

Later on, we find out that Roy was killed and subsequently resurrected by a Lazarus Pit, giving him the bloodlust we've seen at the beginning of the show. Just then, the team is alerted to Emiko's location. They track her down but she's apple to escape. The episode ends with Emiko informing Oliver that she had a hand in destroying the Gambit, inadvertently causing their father's death.

Arrow airs Monday nights on The CW starting at 9/8 p.m. Central.



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