Arrow Recap With Spoilers: The Arrowverse Merges Timelines in "Present Tense"

(Photo: The CW)

Oliver continues his mission to try the impending Crisis. Is it too late or will the Green Archer be able to come to terms with the Monitor? Keep on reading to find out what happens on the latest episode of Arrow and as always, full spoilers lie up ahead. The episode kicks off immediately following last week's episode, with Oliver, Diggle, Dinah, and Rene trying to figure out how Mia, William, and Connor have traveled from 2040 to 2019.

Oliver takes William and Mia back to his apartment and the three try catching up. Understandably shaken up by the new developments, Mia has a hard time coming to terms with what's going on. As William comes out to his father, an unknown mercenary dressed as Deathstroke bombs the hospital. ARGUS informs Oliver it's not Slade or his son, leading Team Arrow to try finding out who's co-opted the Deathstroke mantle.

As they're working, Curtis (Echo Kellum) makes his Arrow return because he was called by Oliver. The latter asks Curtis to reverse-engineer some fabric taken from Earth-2 in hopes of coming up with a defense mechanism against the world-eating energy. Comics, right?

2040 Team Arrow put their heads together and visit the HQ of the Deathstroke Gang in the present time. There, they uncover the identity of the new Deathstroke — Grant Wilson, the other son of Slade that Oliver and Connor had previously met. The team accidentally sets off a trigger for a bomb, leading Oliver, Laurel, and Dinah to arrive and save them. They find out Grant's trying to level the city.

The two squads' inability to work together at first leads to a rift, where 2040 Team Arrow spills the beans about the future — how Star City is in poor quality, how JJ is the new Deathstroke, and how JJ kills Zoe. The teams split up to do various aspects of the investigation — Laurel and Mia head to the hospital while Curtis, Oliver, and William work on decrypting data they manage to uncover. This allows Diggle and Rene to spend time with their children after the recent revelations.

After the data is decrypted, the uncover Grant's full plans. The two teams make amends (only as superheroes would) and takedown Grant and his network of bombs. After taking down the bad guys, everyone makes amends on the team. Rene announces his candidacy for city council, Diggle starts training with Connor, and Dinah and Laurel start laying the groundwork for a network of Canary vigilantes.

The episode ends with the Monitor approaching Laurel as she leaves the police station. He offers to return Earth-2 to its previous state if she betrays Oliver Queen.


Arrow airs Tuesday nights on The CW starting at 10/9 p.m. Central.

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