Arrow Recap with Spoilers - Disbanded


The episode opens with Oliver ordering Felicity, Diggle, and Curtis to go home as he's disbanding the team. Curtis wants an explanation, so Oliver tells him that Chase is right and that he makes everyone suffer or die just by being around him. Diggle asks to speak to Oliver alone, but Oliver doesn't want anyone close to him.

The next day, Felicity and Curtis tells the rest of the team about Oliver's "situation," but Diggle walks in and says that the team is far from over. Felicity says that she'll handle Chase and tells the rest of the city to keep protecting Star City.

Quentin checks up on Oliver at the office and wants to know what they're going to do to Chase as retaliation. Oliver says they're not going to do anything, as evidenced when Chase walks in. Quentin gets all in Chase's face, but Oliver tells Quentin to leave. Oliver asks what Chase is doing at City Hall, as he's already "won." Chase puts a knife down on Oliver's desk and asks if Oliver is going to kill him now. After all, Oliver is an animal and this would be Oliver's last chance to kill Chase before he goes into protective custody. Oliver doesn't say or do anything, to which Chase says that he's disappointed and tells him to keep the knife.

In a flashback, Oliver tells Anatoly that he's going to go back to Lian Yu in order to give him a cover for the last few years. Anatoly asks Oliver to help him rebuild the Bratva, but Oliver says he only has 48 hours.

Felicity goes to Helix and asks them to help him bring down Chase. Felicity's hacker friend says she has a photo of Prometheus unmasking, but that Prometheus used a scrambler to disguise his face. But if Prometheus is using technology, Helix can reverse-engineer it....which would allow them to bring down Chase once and for all.

Susan comes to see Oliver and tells him not to let Chase win. Susan says that she needs Oliver to collaborate her police statement, but Oliver says that Chase has already planned for that. Instead, Oliver needs to do something unexpected. Oliver then breaks up with Susan and says that he should have known better than to let anyone get close to him.

Later that day, Oliver meets up with an unexpected guest at the Arrow Cave: Anatoly. He tells Anatoly that he needs the Bratva's help killing Chase. Anatoly says that he's surprised that Oliver has given up the hood, but Oliver says that Anatoly was right all along. Anatoly says that he can't do Oliver any more favors, so he'll need payment. Oliver promises the first part of the payment tonight and the second part when Chase is dead.

Felicity figures out how Chase is scrambling his face, but she needs physical access to the scrambler to reverse the algorithm.

The rest of Team Arrow suits up to stop two break-ins of medical facilities. However, they discover that the Bratva is stealing diabetes drugs...with the permission of Oliver. Diggle rushes to Oliver's office and finds out that Oliver invited the Bratva into the city to kill Chase. Oliver doesn't want Diggle or Felicity to get involved, because he doesn't want Chase's death on their conscience. Oliver then tells Diggle to stand down and let the Bratva do their work.

The next morning, Diggle tells the rest of the team that Oliver is compromised, but that they're still not breaking up the team. While Diggle tries to convince Felicity to help change Oliver's mind, Curtis finds out that Felicity is planning to get close to Chase.

Anatoly explains to Oliver that he needs the drugs to create a new street drug, but Oliver doesn't seem to really care. Diggle shows up to argue with Oliver again, but Oliver says that Diggle doesn't know what kind of man he is. Oliver claims that Chase showed him the truth, and that his crusade was just an excuse to murder people. He said that he disbanded the team because he didn't want them following a murderer and tells him to stay away from Chase and let the Bratva do their job.

In another flashback, Anatoly shows Oliver some TB patients and says that they're going to steal drugs to help keep them alive.

Diggle tells Team Arrow that they're going to bring Chase to justice, but that they're going to do it "the right way." They roll out to protect Chase's security detail from the Bratva.

Sure enough, the Bratva attack Chase, but Diggle and the rest of the team show up to save him. Curtis manages to plant a T-Sphere on Chase, allowing him to get access to his scrambler. Anatoly gets mad at Diggle for interfering, but everyone manages to escape.

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Star City's police department turns Chase's protection over to the feds, and Chase quietly admits to Oliver that he's impressed he tried to have him killed.

Oliver shows up at Diggle's apartment to chew him out for interfering once again. Diggle says that this is just like Langham, when Diggle didn't want to be rescued from prison. Diggle says that Oliver can atone for his past, just like he did. Oliver says he doesn't know how to do this, but Diggle says just to ask for help.

Curtis shows up at Helix and gives her Chase's optic scrambler. Felicity can't crack its encryption, but Helix says that they just need to break into Kord Industries to crack it.

Oliver tries to call off Anatoly, but Anatoly refuses. Anatoly says that he's either a Bratva brother, or a Bratva enemy.

Oliver tells Team Arrow that the Bratva aren't backing down, so he needs their help to stop them. Oliver says they'll figure out a way to stop Chase and prove that Diggle was right about him. Dinah and Rene say that they're there for him, so he tells the team to suit up.

Felicity and Curtis break into Kord Industry, while Oliver and Diggle search for the Brava at a medical warehouse. Felicity uses a tranq to knock out a guard, while Oliver finds out that Anatoly has taken a bunch of hostages. Oliver and Anatoly end up in a standoff, so Anatoly tells Oliver to kill him if he wants to prove that he's given up his old life. Oliver shoots an alarm instead, which forces them both to flee.

Felicity returns with proof that Chase is Prometheus, so Oliver officially puts the team back in business.

In a final flashback, Anatoly asks Oliver how he likes playing Robin Hood. Oliver says he still needs to leave, but Anatoly admits that he's worried what he'll become without Oliver at his side. In the present day, Anatoly says he's left his best men behind in Star City as a "present" for Oliver. Oliver says he was convinced Anatoly would lead the Bratva on a better path, but Anatoly says he did what he had to do to survive.

Quentin and Dinah show the video to the SCPD, who contact the US Marshals to put him under arrest. However, Chase kills the marshals in a pretty brutal fashion. The episode ends with Chase driving back to Star City, unconcerned that he's now a wanted man.