Arrow: Katie Cassidy's Black Canary Will Return to DC TV Universe

. It's no surprise that in a universe where literally anything is possible that death doesn't hold [...]

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(Photo: Warner Bros. TV)

The CW's Arrow helped get a DC TV universe off the ground with a story of a rich man turned vigilante crime-fighter, steadily giving way to more fantastical things like speedsters and metahumans (The Flash), time-traveling superhero teams (Legends of Tomorrow) and even all-powerful aliens from other dimensions (Supergirl).

It's no surprise that in a universe where literally anything is possible that death doesn't hold quite the same real-world finality that we know; in Arrow, we've already seen numerous characters (including the titular hero, Oliver Queen) return from seemingly fatal ends. So is any DC TV fan all that surprised to hear that at SDCC we learned that death won't keep Black Canary (Laurel Lance) out of the fight?

During the CW DC TV Panels at SDCC2016 on Saturday, Arrow producer Wendy Mericle revealed that not only would Laurel (aka actress Katie Cassidy) be returning to Arrow in some form or fashion - she's actually slated to appear all over the DC TV Universe:

"We will definitely see [Katie Cassidy] in 501, and we have made a deal with her across Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, so Katie Cassidy is definitely not gone from this universe." -- Wendy Mericle

How and why and where - and when - Laurel might reappear in the DC TV universe is anyone's guess. Just off the top of my head there are these possible scenarios:

  1. Flashback
  2. Hallucination/dream
  3. Alternate Timeline
  4. Different point in the time line (past)
  5. Metahuman Shapeshifter
  6. Actual ressurection
  7. All of the above

Given how many DC TV Shows there are now, you could fill each them with a little bit of Laurel Lance from that list above. Hopefully the clubhouse members don't start wearing out their welcome...

Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl will be keeping you deep in DC TV, starting this fall on The CW.