Stephen Amell Teases New DC Characters For 'Arrow' Season 7

When Arrow returns this fall for its seventh season it's going to be like having a new show in many respects with a new showrunner and Oliver spending at least part of the season in a Super Max prison. But according to series star Stephen Amell, those changes also include new characters with canon ties to DC Comics.

In a recent interview with The Music Australia, Amell talked about various challenges and expectations for the show's upcoming seventh season and while he didn't give away any major spoilers or teases, he did reveal that the Arrowverse would expand with more DC Comics canon characters on the series.

"I think that you will see some very, very new and exciting characters in season seven," Amell said. "Characters that have a canon in DC."

The addition of new characters to the show is something that's been talked about regularly since the show's Season 6 finale last month. Right after the show went on hiatus, a new report came out that indicated that The CW series would be adding two new characters, one described as "an ambitious, young anti-vigilante recruit at the SCPD" and the other as "a successful tech wizard who is gay, and who harbors a heartbreaking past." Some have speculated that the tech wizard character could end up being Blue Beetle Ted Kord, a character that has long been rumored to be coming to Arrow -- even as far back as Season 3, though that rumor ended up heralding the addition of Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer/The Atom to the Arrowverse.

It's also possible that the DC Comics-canon characters showing up on Arrow in the upcoming season are connected to Kate Kane/Batwoman. With Batwoman being introduced in the Arrowverse crossover, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think that there could be other, Gotham-centric characters that appear as well. After all, the heroes of the Arrowverse regularly have their own support team so it would make sense that Batwoman would, too.

Amell could also be referring to new villains or henchmen, too. Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) survived the Season 6 finale to rule Star City another day and now he has his Longbow Hunters to support him. In comics, that villain team includes a variety of villains -- including a few who haven't appeared yet on Arrow. This option is one that may make the most sense, especially as Arrow has a history of incorporating minor canon characters as adversaries for Team Arrow.

Whoever these canon characters end up being, it also sounds like fans can expect the season to pull out all of the stops as Amell also hinted that the show is taking a "write like there's no tomorrow" approach to Season 7.

"I think that's one of the things I'm getting out of what they've planned for season seven -- we're not writing like we're guaranteed something beyond this, because we're not; nobody is," Amell said. "I want them to really push forward and take the fact that we have a certain license and a certain respect from the fans to take some chances."


Arrow's seventh season will debut Mondays this fall on The CW at 9/8c, following brand new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.

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