'Arrow's Stephen Amell Teases Someone Trying on a Superhero Suit for the First Time

Suiting up as a superhero for the first time must be a huge thrill for any actor, but for Arrow's Stephen Amell who is heading into his seventh season as a superhero on the series, it's just as much a joy getting to see someone else experience it.

Amell shared on Twitter Monday night that it "never gets old" seeing someone try on a superhero suit for the first time, but question is...who?

stephen amell superhero suit tease
(Photo: Twitter/Stephen Amell)

Many fans quickly responded to Amell's tweet assuming that he was referring to Ruby Rose trying on her Batwoman costume for the first time, it's not likely that that's the case. Rose's Batwoman isn't set to make her grand Arrowverse debut until the multi-show crossover event this December. Right now, The CW's Arrowverse shows aren't quite at the point in their filming schedules to be shooting the crossover. Supergirl just got started filming its upcoming fourth season with star Melissa Benoist teasing her return to set last week. Arrow itself is only on shooting its third episode -- showrunner Beth Schwartz shared a photo last week of the script for that episode's cover page that noted the shooting schedule at the bottom. Shooting on "Crossing Lines" was set to run through Aug. 13.

So, if the lucky person suiting up as a superhero for the first time isn't Ruby Rose, who is it? Honestly, it's anyone's guess. Casting information for Arrow's upcoming season thus far has only revealed new villains coming to the show and of the heroic characters remaining in Star City after Oliver was sent to prison at the end of the season, those actors have all suited up in some capacity as a hero over the seasons except for one: Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). While we don't yet know quite enough about the upcoming season to know if Felicity will suit up or not, Rickards has explained that one of the reasons she'd like to avoid an "Olicity baby" storyline is so that Felicity could deal with a villain face-to-face.

"I don't know if I would be interested in exploring that storyline right now with Felicity," Rickards told TV Guide earlier this year. "I feel like she deserves a little something more than that, and I don't want that to be taken the wrong way. I'd just be interested in seeing her, I don't know, like, deal with a villain face-to-face for a consistent number of episodes?"


Whoever it is suiting up for the first time, fans will find out when Arrow returns this fall on The CW.