The 'Arrow' Subreddit Is Back to Being About 'Arrow' Again

The battle for Subreddit supremacy has ended, and Oliver Queen has emerged victorious.

Earlier this month, the Arrow subreddit was turned into a sub for The Punisher on Netflix, with the fans on the site claiming that Arrow had lost its way. Now, a couple of weeks later, the subreddit has been returned to its original aesthetic, and Arrow is the focus once again.

Following the Olicity wedding at the end of "Crisis on Earth-X," fans continued to be frustrated with the series, saying that it had lost its way over the years.

"If anyone from The CW network or ARROW writers is reading this, the reason 'ARROW' subreddit has changed to 'PUNISHER' is because well...Arrow is no longer what it used to be," a user on the subreddit posted. "Season 5 was back to form, but Season 6 is a utter disappointment. The forced Olicity wedding proved the show is for shippers."

Now, the Arrow subreddit has returned to its roots, but the moderators still remain a bit salty about the direction of the show.

"This is not because arrow is a better show than the punisher," one mod wrote in a post explaining the page's return to Arrow, "but rather because the punisher memes weren't dank enough."


Even though Arrow once again has its subreddit back, it may not stay that way forever. If you recall, this is actually the second time the page has pulled itself away from Arrow. Following the Season 4 finale, the subreddit spent some time focusing on Daredevil instead.

Arrow will return to The CW on Thursday, January 18 at 9pm ET.