Arrow Subreddit Turns to Daredevil After They Hated Season Finale

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(Photo: Reddit)

The loyal Arrow fans that discuss the show week in and week out on the subreddit dedicated to the show have given up. The users were not happy with the season finale, even going so far as to say they though certain lines in it were basically directed right at them.

"Felicity directly speaking to this sub when she said "you think I was leaving? not a chance" lmaoo," said redditor "Batfleck2015."

Basically, that subreddit really does not like Olicity or Felicity's presence on the show altogether.

So what do you do when your favorite show has failed this subreddit? This is the internet, you switch allegiances at the drop of a hat, of course! They changed the header image to the logo for Daredevil over Arrow, and put the Daredevil characters across the top. The top pinned story? "Daredevil Discussion Thread - S01E01 'Into the Ring'"

From the moderator:

"If you're from /r/all and you're confused why this is here, well it's quite frankly because the show's finale sucked donkey balls, and this is what we wanted the show to be like, not some teen romance. So here we are."

To be fair, they don't talk that much about Daredevil in the new thread. You have to go about 8 page-lengths down to find any real Daredevil discussion, though they do seem pretty universally impressed by the show when they get around to talking about it.


This too will pass, almost certainly. One fan was impressed with the way this Arrow finale directly mirrored last season's.

Arrow season five, which Stephen Amell promises will return to its more grounded roots, will air this fall on Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.