New Arrowverse Crossover Key Art Teases Batwoman's Arrival & Gotham City

The CW just dropped a major bombshell on its fans, with the news that Batwoman will play a role in this year's upcoming Arrowverse crossover. And now, we have somewhat of an idea of what that could look like. was on hand during the network's Upfronts presentation, where Arrow star Stephen Amell made the Batwoman announcement. Behind him was a brand new piece of key art, which showed Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), and Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) standing in a burning Gotham City. In the background behind them is a version of the Batsignal, which is modified to show Batwoman's red symbol.

Batwoman was first introduced into the pages of DC Comics back in 1956, before Kate Kane took on the mantle in 2006. Since then, the character has developed a pretty passionate fan following, particularly as one of DC's first openly lesbian superheroes. Over the past few years, fans have gotten to see multiple incarnations of Batwoman across DC Comics, most recently in her own solo series, and as a leading member of Bombshells United.

For DC Comics fans, this will surely be a pleasant surprise, as it expands the Arrowverse into some new - and unexpected - directions. For one thing, the introduction of Gotham City comes at an interesting point for DC Television, as Gotham nears its end and new Batman-related television shows go into development. And after the buzzworthy Bruce Wayne namedrop from this season of Arrow, it does sound like Gotham City could end up playing another role.

And once Batwoman is introduced in the crossover -- who knows? Could she end up joining the roster of Legends of Tomorrow? Or could the event potentially set up her own solo series? One thing's for sure, Arrowverse fans will probably be pretty eager to find out.


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Legends of Tomorrow is currently on hiatus. Arrow's season finale will air tonight, May 17th, at 9/8c, with The Flash's season finale airing Tuesday, May 22nd, at 8/7c. Supergirl will close things off on June 25th at 8/7c. All four shows will return some time this fall, and you can read more about their new time slots here.